The MYCOMKITS DOT COM is a mail order shop that designs, manufactures and sells ” electronic tool kit using microcontroller ” that was started by electronic circuit engineers of electronic equipment makers.

We are particularly familiar with microcontroller elements, and in addition to designing the circuit, we have outstanding technical power in developing C language program. Since the establishment of 2009, fun to make, yet designed a delightful original electronic tool kit useful and continues to sell.

The original electronic tool kit is not only a fan of electronic tools, more and more orders from people who are not interested in e-work order to be useful in life, so now it sells many “soldering unnecessary pre-assembled products.”

In addition, we have been designing, manufacturing and selling small, small, relatively inexpensive and unique electronic devices using microcontrollers from one to individuals and companies as well.

Business of this is there is a very popular, 300 of more than companies in the nine years from its inception, at the request of the individual, design, manufacture, and sale.

About us

Company Name CNET Limited
President & CEO Akiyoshi Kawaguchi
Address Headquarters 2-17-3 Hibarino, Konosushi, Saitamaken 365-0031